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Majestic Theatre seating chart, Broadway, New York

With 1,681 seats, the Majestic Theatre offers options for every budget. Looking to get the best out of your experience? Check out our Majestic Theatre seating chart and get real-time seat availability, pricing, and insider tips on the best seats.

Value for money seats

  • Orchestra: Rows K to U in the center section offer a good view of the stage without the premium price tag.
  • Mezzanine: The Front Mezzanine provides a fantastic view at a more reasonable price compared to Orchestra seats.

Best views of the stage

  • Center Orchestra: Rows B to J offer a premium, close-up experience.
  • Front Mezzanine: Rows A & B provide a fantastic panoramic view of the entire stage.

Sections available in Majestic Theatre


The Orchestra section offers the closest view of the stage with 885 seats spread across center, left, and right sections. While wheelchair-accessible seating with companions is available in the step-free front sections (left/right), some transfer seating with folding armrests requires steps beyond row I.

For the best view, prioritize Center Orchestra seats between rows B and H. These boast clear sightlines thanks to the gentle incline of the seating area. However, be aware that the Front Mezzanine overhangs after row H, so seats further back in the Orchestra might have a partially obstructed view of the stage's topmost elements.

Front Mezzanine

The Front Mezzanine offers 292 seats arranged in seven continuous rows, with aisles dividing left, center, and right sections. Seats in the Center Front Mezzanine particularly rows A and B, are considered some of the best in the entire theater. While further back and side seats offer good value with decent sightlines due to the tiered seating, the extreme left and right sides may have a more side-on view of the stage.

Keep in mind that taller patrons can find extra legroom in row A and on the aisles. Ticket prices reflect these factors, with a premium for the best seats and more affordable options towards the back and sides. Unfortunately, there's no accessible seating in the Front Mezzanine, and the steep rake and stairs leading up to the section make it unsuitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Rear Mezzanine

The Rear Mezzanine, separated from the Front Mezzanine by a horizontal aisle, offers the most budget-friendly option at the Majestic Theatre. Seating 436 patrons across four blocks with up to 12 rows each, the good rake ensures relatively clear views throughout, despite being furthest from the stage. The main drawbacks are at the extreme left and right sides, where safety railings or angled seating may affect sightlines.

However, some fantastic value seats can be found in rows A and B, especially towards the center, offering direct and largely unobstructed views. While further back, specific details on stage might be less clear, these seats remain a good option for budget-conscious theatergoers. Legroom becomes slightly tighter further back, with the best spots on the aisles. It's important to note that despite a few transfer seats, the steep rake and stairs make the Rear Mezzanine unsuitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Accessible seating in Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre - accessibility
  • Orchestra: The Orchestra section offers the most accessible seating options at the Majestic Theatre. Designated wheelchair and companion seating can be found in rows B through D, providing a step-free experience. Additionally, seven transfer seats with folding armrests are scattered throughout rows F to H. Keep in mind that from row I onwards, there are two steps up to reach each row. However, two folding armrest seats are still available in rows T and V. Finally, handrails are only available on the far side aisles after row I.
  • Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine: Unfortunately, due to several factors, neither the Front Mezzanine nor the Rear Mezzanine are recommended for patrons with limited mobility. Reaching these sections requires climbing 51 steps across three flights, followed by an additional two steps for each row within the sections themselves. Additionally, handrails are only available on the far side aisles, offering limited support for navigation. The steep rake of the seating in both sections further creates challenges for those with mobility limitations. It's important to note that there are no transfer seats available in the Front Mezzanine, and neither section is accessible by wheelchair.

Frequently asked questions about Majestic Theatre seating chart

Where are the best seats in Majestic Theatre?

For the closest, unobstructed view of the stage and all its details, prioritize the seats in rows B-J in the Center Orchestra. The seats in rows A & B in the Front Mezzanine also offer a fantastic panoramic view of the entire stage, ideal for seeing the bigger picture.

What show is playing at Majestic Theatre?

Majestic Theatre is playing Phantom of the Opera.

How many sections does Majestic Theatre have?

Majestic Theatre is divided into three sections- Orchestra, Front Mezzanine, and Rear Mezzanine.

What is the seating capacity of Majestic Theatre?

The Majestic Theatre has a seating capacity of 1,681 seats.

Which section of Majestic Theatre has wheelchair accessibility?

The Orchestra section of the Majestic Theatre is accessible with dedicated wheelchair spaces and 7 transfer seats.

Which seats have the best views of the stage in Majestic Theatre?

For close-up detail, choose Center Orchestra (B-J). For a panoramic view, grab Front Mezzanine (A & B).

Which seats in Majestic Theatre provide value for money?

Center Orchestra (C-D) balances proximity and cost. Try Rear Mezzanine (A & B, Center) for good views at a budget-friendly price (may have slight view blockage).

What is the Orchestra section in Majestic Theatre?

The Orchestra is the largest section at the Majestic Theatre, offering the closest view of the stage. It has 885 seats and is divided into Left, Center, and Right sections, with designated wheelchair seating and transfer seats available.

What is the Front Mezzanine section in Majestic Theatre?

The Front Mezzanine is the first elevated section at the Majestic Theatre, offering 292 seats and boasting a good overall view of the stage. However, there's limited wheelchair accessibility due to stairs.

What is the Rear Mezzanine section in Majestic Theatre?

The Rear Mezzanine is the highest seating section at the Majestic Theatre, offering the most budget-friendly option with 436 seats. While the view is decent, it's farthest from the stage. This section is not recommended for patrons with limited mobility due to stairs.

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