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Your Guide to Broadway Show Tickets

If there ever was a quintessential New York experience, then it has to be watching a Broadway show. Heading to the Theater District and watching a classic Broadway production is an experience that can never get old. Attracting the world’s best theater artists, set designers and musicians; Broadway continues to set the global standard of what a theater show should be like and is a must-experience when visiting New York.

Broadway consists of 41 theaters and we understand how daunting it can get to choose which show to watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in New York, travelling with your family, looking for shows that are light on the pocket or simply wish to watch the best show that there is - Broadway is home to shows that are perfect for people from all walks of life.

Broadway Shows in New York

The thrill of stepping onto Broadway is incomparable! A feverish excitement sets in before a show. As the lights dim, the animated chatter dies down and the audience collectively holds its breath -- the bright red curtain draws and the stage is set on fire with vivacious story-telling, stellar acting and a combination of brilliant music, set designs and costumes. The world’s finest theatre musicals and plays take place on Broadway in New York City.

It was in the late 1700s that lady theatre greeted New York City, essentially shaping its future as a cultural hub. The first few plays performed were from Shakespeare’s works, including Hamlet, after which works by other playwrights slowly gained popularity. The Phantom of the Opera is one of the longest running broadway shows, having debuted on 26 January 1988.

Today, for a play or musical to appear on Broadway, it must be held in any one of the 40 professional theatres that have a seating capacity of 500 or more. It is one of the highest honors for any theatre artist, director or producer, to have their show on Broadway.

Broadway VS Off-Broadway shows

Broadway’s other side, quieter and relatively lesser known outside the theatre circle, is Off-Broadway. The primary distinction between Broadway and Off-Broadway is the theatre size: Off-Broadway theatres generally have between 99-499 seats, while Broadway theatres have more than 500 seats.

Some of the most popular Off-Broadway shows, musicals and plays include ‘The Vagina Monologues’, ‘Spring Awakening’, ‘The Wild Night’, ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’ and ‘Rent’ among others.

Broadway Plays

Taking the forms of comedy, farce, parody, satire, tragedy or drama, storytelling has many forms and watching the best of the best in Broadway plays is one of the most popular things to do in New York. While plays can also include music and/or dance sequences, they’re mainly used as tools to enhance story-telling. Popular plays include Hamlet, The Importance of Being Earnest, Romeo and Juliet, Waiting for Godot and Pygmalion among others.

Read more about choosing the best Broadway Plays that suit your taste!

Broadway Musicals

A musical primarily uses music and dance to tell a story. It can also include dialogues in the form of narration or conversation to imbibe a sense of continuity into the story. While a musical can function as a play, a play cannot be a musical. Some of the most popular musicals on Broadway are The Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Hamilton.

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Best Off-Broadway Show Tickets

There are numerous theatres throughout New York that host award-winning theater shows and some of the most popular musicals and plays in New York. Check out some of the best off-broadway shows in New York.

Best Broadway Show for Kids and Family

From Disney classics to historical fantasies, Broadway is home to many productions that make for a perfect viewing with your family. Take your pick from our favorites that offer a wholesome Broadway experience for the entire family.

Here’s our parent’s guide to choosing the best broadway shows for kids.

Celebs on Stage

Be it Matthew Broderick in Sylvia or Bruce Willis in Misery, celebrities on Broadway have always been an attraction. Here is a curated collection of shows that feature celebrities from the world of television, movies and music.

Closing Soon

Don’t miss this chance to watch shows that are closing soon on Broadway! Get access to a wide selection of exclusive tickets & combo passes at incredibly discounted prices.

New York City Ballet

In 1933, a young, bright-eyed Lincoln Kirstein, approached 20-year-old George Balanchine -- perhaps the most influential choreographer of the 20th Century -- in London, to lay the stepping stone for what is known today as the prestigious New York City Ballet. Balanchine’s vast knowledge of traditional Russian ballet and Kirstein’s passion for revolutionising dance came together to establish New York City as the home of modern ballet. Prominent performers include Maria Tallchief, Patricia McBride, Violette Verdy and Melissa Hayden among others.

The NYC Ballet calls David H. Koch Theatre at Lincoln Centre, home. Over 150 shows have been featured by the NYC Ballet till date. The most successful and popular ballet is Balanchine’s timeless musical, the Nutcracker, running for more than 40 years now.

The New York ballet platform also extends beyond the New York City Ballet. Other venues that feature ballet companies include the American Ballet Theatre, The Joyce Theatre, Brooklyn Academy of Music and Brooklyn Centre.

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Metropolitan Opera

During the 1800s, while the world raved about musicians at legendary opera houses across Vienna and London, the elite folk of New York decided to establish their own opera and theatre scene: with this, New York’s premier Metropolitan Opera was born.

The Lincoln Centre in New York City is home to the Metropolitan Opera. It was built back in ‘66 by famed architect, Wallace K. Harrison and the first play to be performed at the Met Opera was Antony and Cleopatra,. The Met Opera, today, has the largest seating capacity in the world with 3,800 seats.

Talented powerhouses from across the world have performed at the Met. Names such as Arturo Toscanini, Elīna Garanča and Luciano Pavarotti have graced Lincoln Centre. Opera shows are performed in all languages, including Italian and French. Some of the most popular shows are Aida, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata and Carmen among others.

Read more about buying tickets for the Metropolitan Opera shows in New York City.

Broadway Theatres in New York

Broadway theaters are huge. One important defining characteristic for a theater to be classified as a Broadway theater is that it has to have a minimum of 500 seats and selecting the right seat is essential to how your Broadway experience turns out. However, this can be challenging since each theatre -- on and off Broadway -- is designed with different seating arrangements.
Seats in a Broadway house are usually spread across three sections.

Before booking Broadway show tickets, here’s some basic seating information. Most theatres are divided into three sections: Orchestra, Front Mezzanine and Rear Mezzanine. Some also come with Balcony/Box seats that offer a private view of the show.


The Orchestra is the section closest to the stage and it offers the best views in the house. Along with the views, sitting here will place you closer to the action, making your Broadway experience that much more intimate. When it comes to pricing, seats in the front center of the Orchestra are the most expensive while seats in the back and to the sides are relatively cheaper. If the seats are available, we recommend you try to sit as close to the stage as possible and if not, go for the side seats in the Orchestra or the first few rows in the Mezzanine.


The Mezzanine is the first elevated seating section of the theater. The first few rows of the Mezzanine offer stunning panoramic views of the stage and are often considered to be among the best seats in the house. Located above the Orchestra, seats in the Mezzanine will have you looking down at the stage rather than looking up. Though the front central seats in the Mezzanine are sometimes as costly as central Orchestra seats, most of the section is relatively cheaper and offers the perfect combination of good views and affordable pricing.


Though some theaters are limited to only Orchestra and Mezzanine seats, many of the larger theaters have an additional Balcony section. The Balcony is a level above the Mezzanine and also the furthest away from the stage. The cheapest seats in a Broadway house are often found in the Balcony section. Though you do get to see most of the stage from a bird’s-eye view, to place yourself so far away from the stage is quite a compromise to make.

Some of the most popular theatres on Broadway are Lyric Theatre, Richard Rodgers Theatre, Marquis Theatre, Vivian Beaumont Theatre and New Amsterdam Theatre among others.

For more information on theatres in NYC, selecting the best seats and knowing which to avoid, read our detailed guide. (add these two paras to the main website page)

Here’s our complete guide to Broadway Theatres and Seating Charts.

Broadway Show Tickets

The Broadway district is always crowded with theatre enthusiasts. Getting on-the-spot tickets for your favorite show can often be challenging in this case.

Where to buy Broadway show tickets?

Some of the most popular options to buy broadway show tickets are theatre box office, lottery giveaways, SRO, Rush, Lottery giveaways, TKTS booths and online portals such as, telecharge and ticketmaster. However, the best way to avoid missing out on a good show is by booking your Broadway tickets online. There are several benefits to purchasing Broadway tickets online:

Perhaps the best benefit of booking your Broadway show tickets online is that you can avoid waiting in long lines at the box office. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on tickets or having to skip the beginning of the show.

You can book a show months in advance. Since most Broadway shows open ticket sales 2-3 months before the show premiers, you can book your Broadway tickets online and plan your day accordingly.

By booking your Broadway show tickets online in advance, you can pick and choose the seat of your choice and enjoy the best view of the stage. Make bookings on to get instant booking confirmation, great offers and discounts, avoid waiting in queues and most importantly, select a seat in the theatre section of your choice.

Here’s our complete guide on buying cheap broadway tickets online!

All about getting last minute broadway tickets

Contrary to popular opinion, getting last minute broadway tickets are a piece of cake ; provided you know these hacks :

  • Broadway Theatre Apps

  • TKTS Tickets

  • Standing Room Tickets

  • Theatre Development Fund Membership

  • Cancellation Line

To know more, head to our complete guide with more tricks and hacks on scoring last minute Broadway tickets.

How to buy discounted broadway tickets?

There are different ways to score discounted broadway tickets. Some of the sure shot ways are:

  • Broadway Ticket Apps

  • Wednesday Matinees

  • Broadway & Off-Broadway Week

  • Group Discounts


Interested in knowing more about scoring broadway ticket discounts? Here’s our complete guide to buying discounted broadway tickets and saving big money!

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FAQs - Broadway Show Tickets

Where can I buy Broadway show tickets?
You can buy them at Here, you get seat preference, instant ticket confirmation and great deals and discounts.
Can I cancel my Broadway show tickets?
You can select the best seats and opt for the most convenient show timings. In this way, you avoid losing out since tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded.
What are the best seats for a Broadway show?
Seats in the Orchestra and Front Mezzanine sections offer the best viewing experience for a Broadway show.
How can I buy cheap Broadway tickets?
You can buy them online at, enter a lottery or enter contests that sell cheap tickets.
After an online booking, where can I pick up my Broadway show tickets?
You can collect your tickets directly at the box office.
How much do Broadway show tickets cost?
On average, a show on Broadway costs about $100. Depending on the time and seat chosen, the price may vary.
Are Broadway show tickets cheaper at the box office or online?
Broadway show tickets are cheaper online than at the box office. Online, you get great deals and offer on your tickets, that you cannot find on purchasing them directly at the box office.
Where can I find last-minute Broadway show tickets?
The best place to find last-minute tickets is to book them online. At, you can find last-minute tickets for the most popular shows at great prices.
What is the average length of a Broadway show?
On average, a Broadway show, play or musical, runs for about 90 minutes.
Which are the top 5 discounted Broadway shows?
Chicago, Mean Girls, Oklahoma, Come From Away and Beetle Juice are the top 5 discounted Broadway shows.
Which are the top 5 expensive Broadway shows?
The most expensive Broadway shows are Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (Parts 1 & 2), Hamilton, The Lion King, Frozen and Wicked.
At what time of the day do you get cheap Broadway show tickets?
If you’re buying tickets at the box office, it’s best to arrive as soon as the counters open; around 10:00 AM on weekdays and around 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM on weekends. Tickets at TKTS booths in the city also sell for up to 50% off. Other options include booking tickets on TodayTix or playing the lottery . A great option is to book on for instant ticket confirmation and great deals and offers.
Can I gift a Broadway show ticket to a friend?
Yes, by making a booking on, you can gift a ticket to your friend or family. All you have to do is enter their details on the payment page and the ticket will be registered in their name.
What is the age restriction for children to watch a Broadway theatre show?
In general, children under the age of 4 are not allowed at Broadway shows. However, most Broadway shows have individual recommended age limits.
What kinds of payments are accepted to buy Broadway show tickets?
All forms of debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and JCB can be used to make a purchase on