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The Gazillion Bubble Show
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The Play That Goes Wrong

Best Broadway shows for kids & families

If you thought Broadway shows were meant to be enjoyed just by adults, think again. Broadway for kids features a spectacular lineup of some of the best Broadway shows, which are prime specimens of performances enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Kids and teenagers appreciate the vibrant performances and intricate storytelling involved in Broadway. Many parents also wish to expose their children to the cultural and artistic diversity showcased on Broadway from a young age. 

What Makes Broadway for Kids Special?

The Gazillion Bubble Show

Enhances the Imagination

Theater plays and musicals don’t always have elaborate sets and changes of scenery like the movies. It is a great place for children to let their imagination run wild! Broadway shows for kids are especially well-known for their set design, costumes, and exceptional storytelling. Broadway for kids can unleash their creative side. 

Dear Evan Hansen

Cultivates Concentration

Kids are too used to screens and images these days, which may affect their concentration. The live-action nature of theater shows can help foster concentration in children and improve their ability to focus and follow a storyline. Broadway shows for kids are state-of-the-art, transporting kids to a whole new world each time.

Dear Evan Hansen

Teaches Social Etiquette

Children can get fidgety very easily. But the communal nature of a theater can be the perfect place to teach kids social etiquette. A Broadway for kids theater experience will not only help your child learn to appreciate the arts, but it will also teach children to be mindful of their surroundings and caring towards their fellow theater-goers.

Phantom of the Opera

Encourages Participation

Doing theater can greatly benefit children later in life. Practicing theater teaches kids teamwork, boosts their confidence, improves their communication abilities, and gives them many social skills. Broadway for kids can pique their interest in trying out theater themselves. Your next ticket for a show on Broadway for kids may just be the first step in the journey of a future performer!

Things To Keep in Mind While Choosing Shows on Broadway for Kids

Theaters are a magical world of possibilities, especially for young, impressionable minds. Broadway has something for everyone but when it comes to Broadway for kids, some things must be kept in mind while choosing your tickets. Here are some pointers that may help you curate the best show experience on Broadway for kids.

Age Recommendations
Content Warnings
Show Timings
Seat Selection
Running Time
Kids’ Night on Broadway
Broadway Tickets Counter

All Broadway shows come with age recommendations, with some having minimum age requirements. This helps you choose the right show for the age group of your child. The shows on Broadway for kids cater to many age groups. Toddlers, tweens, and teenagers all will find something that will catch their attention.

Parents and Child

Parental warnings are given for Broadway shows that use language that may be inappropriate for children. This helps you make an informed decision when choosing a Broadway show for kids. Not sure if a show’s content is appropriate for your kid? Check them out before purchasing your Broadway tickets.

Times Square Broadway

Most Broadway shows for kids have multiple timings. It may be best to select a slot when the kids’ Broadway shows are less crowded, especially if you are taking your kids to the theaters for the first time. Matinee shows are those which are held during the daytime. Broadway for kids has matinee shows as well. These are generally less crowded and will be more comfortable.

Mezzanine Seats Broadway

Booking an aisle seat in a kids’ Broadway show is ideal if you have a young child as you may have to vacate it regularly. It may be hard for children to view the stage from a seat that is too far away at the back. It is important to consider your child’s comfort while booking your tickets. Take a good look at the seating chart to understand your options.

Broadway Theater District

If you have a young child, you should carefully consider the running time when choosing your tickets for kids’ Broadway shows. Kids get restless and distracted very easily so picking a show with a shorter run time will help. Some shows on Broadway for kids have intermission while others do not. You should keep that in mind when booking your ticket. 

Broadway Performance

Kids’ Night on Broadway is a great opportunity for children to watch kids’ Broadway shows. Children from ages 6 to 18 get to watch a show for free when accompanied by an adult with a fully-paid ticket. A wide range of options is generally available. Fun theater activities, shows, and workshops are also arranged to make it even more special for the kids.

What are the Different Types of Shows on Broadway for Kids?

The Music Man
Phantom of the Opera

What are the Shows on Broadway for Kids of Different Age Groups?

The Music Man

Broadway Shows for Toddlers

Bring your children into the world of theater at an early age and watch their minds grow. Broadway for kids who are young can be the start of a new and exciting journey. There are many options to choose from when looking for kids’ Broadway shows.

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Broadway Shows for Tweens

Tweens are a difficult age group to please, but Broadway for kids has you covered. Whether it be back-to-school delights or fantasy lands of adventure, no matter what catches your tween's fancy, there is a show that they will love.

A Strange Loop

Broadway Shows for Teens

Broadway can be a great experience for teenagers. Stories that touch the heart and themes that leave a deep impression on young minds - that is what Broadway for kids is about. Teenagers can relive the stories from their childhood or explore some classic tales at kids’ broadway shows.

Parents' Guide for Watching Shows on Broadway for Kids

Metropolitan Opera House Broadway
  • It is natural for kids to feel hungry in the middle of the show. To avoid this, grab a bite before entering the Broadway theater. 
  • Reaching a little early for your kids’ Broadway show and encouraging your child to use the restroom before the show starts can help.
  • If your kids have trouble viewing the stage from their seats, ask the theater staff if they have booster seats.  
  • Young kids may find it hard to follow the storyline at first. You can tell them the basics of the story and discuss some themes to help them follow the show’s narrative.
  • You should explain to your kids the importance of keeping quiet during the show and not causing disturbance to others. 
  • Many shows on Broadway for kids depict people and places from different cultures. Talk to them so that they understand and respect the customs and traditions that they see.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shows on Broadway for Kids

Q. Which shows are playing this year on Broadway for kids?

A. There are many fascinating shows that are running on Broadway for kids this year. Find them here.

Q. What are the best Broadway shows for kids?

A. Broadway for kids enjoys immense popularity worldwide. Tickets for a range of shows are available this year. Find the best shows on Broadway easily online.

Q. What is the best way to buy tickets for kids’ Broadway shows?

A. The best way to buy tickets for kids’ Broadway shows is to book them online. It is quick and hassle-free, and you don’t have to stand in line!

Q. Where can I buy online tickets for kids’ Broadway shows?

A. It is very easy to buy Broadway tickets for kids online. Book them here.

Q. Why should I buy Broadway tickets for kids?

A. Theater shows for kids are a great way to expose children to the world of imagination, creativity, and storytelling.

Q. What should I keep in mind while picking a ticket on Broadway for kids?

A. While buying a ticket for a show on Broadway for kids, it is important to keep in mind age recommendations, content warnings, seat location, and show timings.

Q. What are the best seats on Broadway for kids?

A. When choosing the seats for a kids’ Broadway show, make sure to check the theater's seating chart carefully. It is best to choose an aisle seat when visiting with a young child.

Q. What are the best musicals on Broadway for kids?

A. Musicals are a crowd favorite on Broadway. There are many popular musicals on Broadway for kids to choose from.

Q. What new shows are playing on Broadway for kids?

A. Many new shows are playing on Broadway for kids this year. Check out the new Broadway shows when booking your tickets.

Q. What are the Off Broadway shows that are playing in New York?

A. If you want even more variety for your kids, try out the many Off Broadway shows that are playing in New York.

Q. What plays on Broadway for kids are running in New York this year?

A. There are many great plays to choose from on Broadway. Find the best fit for your child easily with this guide to Broadway plays.

Q. Are Broadway shows for kids expensive?

A. This will depend on the seats you select while buying your Broadway tickets. There are many affordable options available. 

Q. Is there a dress code for Broadway shows for kids?

A. There is no particular dress code in most Broadway theaters. It is best to wear something semi-casual or semi-formal but comfortable. The theaters may get quite cold because of the air conditioning so parents are advised to carry something warm for their kids.

Q. Are phones allowed inside the theater?

A. While phones are allowed in kids’ Broadway shows, it is not advisable to use them during the show because they may distract the other guests.

Q. Are all Broadway shows suitable for children?

A. No, some Broadway shows may contain explicit language or content. It is best to check the age recommendation and content warnings for the show before buying a ticket for your child.

Q. What can I do if my child is unable to see the stage?

A. If your child is unable to see the stage, you can ask the theater staff if they have booster seats for kids.

Q. How can I reach Broadway?

A. Using public transport is an easy and efficient way to reach the Broadway Theater District in New York. Most Broadway theaters are located close to a subway stop. The Times Square-42nd Street subway station is particularly popular.

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