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There is nothing quite like a ballet dancer's delicate and elegant movements on stage. Every swish of the hands, every gesture, every smooth turn and graceful lift tells a story. Does your heart skip a beat when a ballerina does a perfect pirouette? Does a Pas de deux take your breath away? Then get your hands on some New York ballet tickets and sign up for an experience of a lifetime. 

Ballet is amongst the most popular dance forms in the United States of America and is both taught and performed in many prestigious schools and studios across the country. But New York is a hub of excellence when it comes to ballet. Get your New York ballet tickets today and see the magic of the dance form unfold in front of you in style.

What Are Ballet Shows in New York?

George Balanchine's The Nutcracker

A type of performance dance that had its origin during the Italian Renaissance, ballet later grew into a concert dance form in Russia and France. Ballet in its present form was established in the 19th Century and is now synonymous with grace and finesse. A highly technical form of dance with its vocabulary based on French terminology, ballet’s foundational techniques are used in many dance cultures around the world now. 

Ballet was introduced to America in the mid-19th Century, although smaller groups of dancers would visit the country starting from as early as the 1700s. It started out as a dance form for the elite but with the turn of the 20th Century, ballet gained a lot of popularity in America, especially in New York. Ballet shows in New York played a key role in the success of the dance form in America. 

Why Should You Buy New York Ballet Tickets?

George Balanchine's The Nutcracker

When it comes to ballet, there is no other city like New York, especially since the mid-20th Century. There has been no dearth of famous ballet dancers performing in New York, including Suzanne Farrell, Maria Tallchief, Allegra Kent, and others. The city is also home to two of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world — the New York City Ballet, known widely as the NYCB, and the American Ballet Theatre. It is no wonder that the mesmerizing experience of a ballet show in New York is incomparable to others. 

Book your New York ballet tickets today and see history come to life in front of your eyes. Get them online and avail great prices on New York ballet tickets, without standing in line!

Where Can I See Ballet Shows in New York?

Metropolitan Opera House

Ballet shows in New York are extraordinary productions presented by a plethora of eminent ballet companies. The most famous among them may be the NYCB and the American Ballet Theatre, but there are many others like The Brooklyn Ballet, New York City Center, The Joyce Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Juilliard Dance Performances, and so on. Together, they make some of the most beautiful works of ballet in the world, featuring famous ballet dancers — some veterans and some budding talents. 

Your New York ballet tickets will, more often than not, take you to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. This complex is home to many resident art platforms that are famous for ballet shows in New York — the David H. Koch Theater, which hosts the majority of the New York City Ballet performances, the Metropolitan Opera House, where the American Ballet Theatre performs a diverse repertoire annually, among others. Head to this iconic New York City destination today with your New York ballet tickets and prepare to be blown away.

What Seats Should You Choose When Buying Your New York Ballet Tickets?

Broadway seats

Booking the right seats for your ballet show in New York can be a little tricky as it depends on preference. Many like to sit up front in the center Orchestra section to catch the nuances of the movements and the detailed facial expressions of the performers. But, this may hinder the sense of the “bigger picture” of the entire choreography. To have a more holistic view of your ballet show in New York, the balcony section is a better choice because it gives the view of the entirety of the action taking place on stage. 

Nevertheless, the center of the theater is the best place to sit when watching a ballet show, no matter at what level. Make sure to check out the seating chart well when buying your New York ballet tickets.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Ballet Shows in New York

Q. Which ballet shows in New York are playing this year?

A. New York is a hub for ballet shows in the United States of America. Don't miss out on this unique experience and get your New York ballet tickets today.

Q. How do I buy New York ballet tickets?

A. You can easily buy your New York ballet tickets online. Otherwise, you can visit the Lincoln Center to book your tickets as well.

Q. Can I buy New York ballet tickets online?

A. Buying your New York ballet tickets online is the easiest and most efficient way. There is no standing in line and you may even find some exciting discounts.

Q. How to choose the right seats for ballet shows in New York?

A. Choosing the right seats when buying your New York ballet tickets is very important. The middle rows of the center Orchestra, the middle seats of the first couple of rows of the center First Ring and the center Second Ring are typically considered the best in the house.

Q. Which are the most popular theatres for ballet shows in New York?

A. The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is the nerve center of the ballet tradition in New York. You will most likely head to the David H. Koch Theater or the Metropolitan Opera House with your New York ballet tickets.

Q. Is there any dress code for ballet shows in New York?

A. There are generally no mandates regarding clothing at the ballet shows in New York but you might want to dress in smart casual. We recommend that you also have something warm handy because the theater may get chilly.

Q. How long are ballet shows in New York?

A. Ballet shows in New York have varied running times. They can last anywhere between 2 and 4 hours, with breaks in between, but some may go on even longer.

Q. Is outside food allowed at ballet shows in New York?

A. Outside food is not allowed at most theaters in New York. Although some places may have food stalls, they tend to be expensive. It is best to get a meal before going to the theater.

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