Best Broadway Musicals in New York
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The Lion King
4.6 (1.1k)
Phantom of the Opera
4.5 (2.8k)
4.5 (2.0k)
4.5 (2.4k)
A Strange Loop
4.5 (127)
The Music Man
🌟 New Arrival
3 (2)
Some Like It Hot
A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical
Come From Away
4.4 (2.0k)

There’s nothing quite like a Broadway musical. The grand unveiling of curtains, the swell of the orchestra, choreographies that portray a myriad of emotions and unforgettable songs that transports you to a different world - a Broadway Musical in New York is magic in its truest sense. Broadway musicals are presented in 40 professional theaters in the Theater District & Lincoln Center along Broadway, Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

These days your options for a stellar Broadway Musical are more diverse than ever - raucous comedies like The Book of Mormon, emotional dramas like Dear Evan Hansen, classic operettas like The Phantom of the Opera, or iconic Disney musicals like The Lion King, there’s plenty for every genre-lover. With your Broadway Musical tickets, enjoy last-minute bookings, flexible validity, preferred seating, and endless discounts.

What Are Broadway Musicals in New York?


Western musical theater emerged in the 19th century and slowly caught momentum through the next decade. By the 20th century, they were called ‘Broadway musicals’ - what we know as today. What makes a performance a ‘Broadway Musical’ are the extravagant stage décor, dynamic scene changes, show lights, designer costumes, and incredible live singing, dancing, and acting. Couple this with technology gimmicks and a music-loving audience, and you have had yourself a real Broadway musical experience.

If you find yourself in New York, there’s no leaving the city without grabbing tickets to a Broadway Musical of your choice.

What Makes Broadway Musicals Special?


If you have never seen or been to a Broadway musical, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Those who haven't yet experienced the magic of live theater may feel that the experience of watching a film is unbeatable. But once you enter the world of live theater, especially Broadway musicals, you will find yourself coming back for more again and again.

Majestic sets, captivating costumes, brilliant compositions, and stunning performances from talented actors are only some of the things that you can look forward to at a Broadway musical in New York.

Some Broadway musicals in New York are definite must-sees for anyone who enjoys live theater. Additionally, you can be expected to be mesmerized by critically-acclaimed new musicals, and amazing productions starring well-known actors as well.

The Lion King

Broadway Musicals vs Plays

Broadway is known for its colossal contribution to the catalog of musicals. But, how are musicals different from plays? While musicals aim to narrate the story in the form of lyrical verses and music, plays take the route of prose. A Broadway play spans genres like drama, comedy, and fantasy barring the musical element - just pure, unadulterated theatrical productions. Plays employ written script and dialogues while musicals use choreography to convey the message. Even though the distinction may seem all too clear, art does not always adhere to the rulebooks.

The Phantom of the Opera

Broadway Musicals & Off-Broadway Musicals in New York

With more than 40 theaters to its name, Broadway refers to the main district where the majority of Broadway theaters like Lyric, Majestic, and Winter Garden are located. Popular Broadway musicals in New York like The Phantom of the Opera are staged here. There are, however, numerous other theaters that are located outside the Broadway theater district, known as Off-Broadway theaters. These theaters are generally smaller in size and can seat between 99 and 499 people.

The Phantom of the Opera

Best Broadway Musicals in New York

When it comes to the best musicals on Broadway, the verdict is quite subjective. Everyone has their own preference in terms of lyrical quality, plot, presentation, individual performance, and various other factors. However, there are some musicals that have awed the critics and audiences alike with their near-perfect productions and have gone on to earn legendary status. The Phantom of the Opera is one such ongoing Broadway musical that you can still catch in New York and witness history.

Les Misérables

Longest Running Broadway Musicals in New York

In the world of musicals, like in every other arena of performance arts, some creations attain a reputation that etches their names in stone. Broadway has seen quite a few such musicals. The best part is that some of these Broadway Musicals can still be experienced in New York.

What Are the Different Types of Broadway Musicals in New York?

While categorizing a show into a specific category is not always straightforward, there are some broad categories that a Broadway musical can be classified under.

Let's have a look at some of the different types of Broadway Musicals in New York.

The Lion King

Kids Musicals in New York

Take your children to watch Broadway musicals in New York to inspire a lifelong passion for live theater in them. A Broadway musical for kids will guarantee a great time with all the melodious songs and striking costumes. A Broadway musical over a play is definitely a better choice for kids as they are more likely to understand and be entertained via the mode of song. Broadway musicals in New York like The Lion King, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Wicked are great for children.

Dear Evan Hansen

Drama Musicals in New York

If you thought a musical could just be romantic in nature, think again. At any point in time, you are sure to find some of the most compelling and dramatic stories being renditioned into jaw-dropping musicals in New York. Les Misérables, one of the most legendary Broadway musicals is also the longest-running musical on Broadway. Other Broadway musicals in the drama genre include Come From Away and Dear Evan Hansen.

The Phantom of the Opera

Romantic Musicals in New York

Skip out on the usual movie and dinner date and take your loved one to a romantic Broadway musical instead. There's nothing quite as enchanting as watching your favorite fairytale or love story play out on stage. Timeless romantic tales like The Phantom of the Opera are some romantic Broadway musicals in New York that are sure to make you feel like love is in the air.

The Office! A Musical Parody

Comedy Musicals in New York

What could be more fun than a comedy show on Broadway? A musical comedy on Broadway! These are a great hit since usually they are enjoyed by people regardless of age. After all, what's not to like about musicals with fun and delightful songs which also serve to make you laugh? You're in for some full-blown entertainment with musical comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire, The Office! A Musical Parody and Some Like It Hot.

Jersey Boys

Family-Friendly Musicals in New York

Watching a Broadway musical with the entire family is surely an unforgettable experience. A great storyline spruced up by delightful songs, elaborate sets and costumes are just some of the things you can expect from a Broadway musical - nothing short of a complete entertainment package. There are numerous musicals in New York that are enjoyable for the entire family including The Lion King and Jersey Boys.

TINA: The Tina Turner Musical

Jukebox Musicals in New York

A jukebox musical is a stage musical that utilizes previously released famous songs as the musical score. While some jukebox musicals take their musical score from a wide variety of artists, there are other jukebox musicals that stick to just one particular artist or band. Jukebox musicals in New York are quite famous. Not only that, you get to relive classic songs by your favorite artist or band on live stage. Some of the most popular jukebox musicals in New York are Little Girl Blue, TINA: The Tina Turner Musical, and Jersey Boys.

Finding the Right Broadway Musical in New York

There are various factors that you may need to consider before you decide which Broadway musical in New York is the best fit for you. Read on to learn more on how to choose the best Broadway musical for you.


Earlier, it was thought that musicals were only suited to showcase romantic plots. However, those days are far behind. Musicals in New York have now broken their own glass ceiling and have begun exploring uncharted territories. Theater-goers can now pick from a wide range of musicals based on their personal preference. From comedy to crime, parody to period, Broadway musicals have it all!

The Music Man

The most popular factor to consider while choosing a Broadway musical is the review of the production. There are several critics and media agencies that are devoted to bringing a detailed review of every Broadway musical in New York. You can use these sources to gain more information regarding various productions and have complete information before booking your Broadway musical tickets.

Jersey Boys

If the Broadway experience is what matters to you and not so much the content of the musical or if you are trying to be mindful of your budget, you could search for Broadway musicals that offer tickets at a discounted rate. There are many ways in which you can obtain a Broadway musical ticket at a cut-price deal. Some of these include TKTS, Lottery, and Rush tickets.

Choosing the Best Seats for Broadway Musicals in New York

Where you choose to sit for a Broadway musical in New York can play a big role in determining the kind of experience you have. Let's take a look at some factors based on which you can select the best seat for watching a musical at Broadway.

theater seats
Best Views

The best seats in the house for almost all of Broadway's theaters are in the orchestra section. These provide the best view of the stage and lie in the acoustic sweet spot of the theater. As a result, these seats come at a higher rate than the rest of the seats in the area.


If you are looking for budget options, head over to the Dress Circle, which is the first elevated section at any Broadway theater. The middle section of the Dress Circle offers a good view of the stage without being too expensive.

Handy Tips for Watching Broadway Musicals in New York

broadway theater
  • Watch out for early-bird discounts on Broadway musical tickets online.
  • Book Broadway musical tickets around the best seats in the house for a premium experience at a fraction of the cost.
  • Grab a bite at one of the restaurants close to a Broadway theater before a show to avoid spending a fortune on theater food.
  • Avoid driving to the theater as free parking could be very limited or even unavailable at the theater. Reach the theater well ahead of time as you may not be allowed entry after the show commences.
  • Do not carry or use videography/audiography/photography devices during a Broadway musical or any show as this is an unlawful act.
  • Do not leave during the curtain call as it is regarded as a rude gesture.
  • Visit the TKTS booth to score cheap Broadway musical tickets.
  • Attend all shows in smart casual or semi-formal attire. Baggy tees and sweatpants could make you stand out in the crowd in a bad way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Broadway Musicals in New York

Q. What are the best Broadway musicals in New York?

A. Musicals attract thousands of people every year all over the world. Broadway musicals in New York offer a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Get your tickets now.

Q. How do I buy tickets for Broadway musicals in New York?

A. Purchase tickets to best Broadway musicals in New York online for a hassle-free experience.

Q. Where can I buy cheap tickets for Broadway musicals in New York?

A. Buy tickets for Broadway musicals in New York online for the best deals and discounts.

Q. Are there any discounts available on tickets for Broadway musicals?

A. Yes, you can buy discounted tickets for many of the best Broadway musicals online.

Q. How is a Broadway musical different from a play?

A. A musical tells a story through song and dance whereas a play may or not have these elements. A play relies on dialogue over songs and dance.

Q. What are the best seats to watch a Broadway musical?

A. The best seats in the house for almost all of Broadway's theaters are in the orchestra or front mezzanine.

Q. What are the most critically acclaimed Broadway musicals?

A. Broadway musicals in New York are full of critically acclaimed shows, with stellar performances and brilliant storylines. Find them all here.

Q. What are the best Broadway musicals for kids?

A. Broadway musicals in New York are enjoyed by kids of all ages. There is something for everyone. Book your tickets now.

Q. What are the most romantic Broadway musicals in New York?

A. If romance is on your mind, look no further than the best Broadway musicals in New York for your next date night!

Q. Which Broadway musical comedies are playing in New York?

A. New York has a wide selection of Broadway musical comedies to choose from. Book your tickets for the best Broadway musical comedies now for a hearty laugh.

Q. Which are the best Broadway shows among the Broadway musicals in New York?

A. The best Broadway shows among the Broadway musicals in New York feature some classic shows as well as some new ones. Choose your favorite among them today!

Q. Which new Broadway musicals are playing in New York?

A. There are many new arrivals among the Broadway musicals in New York this year. Check them out here.

Q. Which Off Broadway musicals are playing in the Off Broadway theaters?

A. Off Broadway theaters have a large collection of acclaimed musicals for you to choose from. Here is a curated guide.

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