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If there ever was a quintessential New York experience, then it has to be watching a Broadway show. Heading to the Theater District and watching a classic Broadway production is an experience that can never get old. Attracting the world’s best theater artists, set designers, and musicians; Broadway continues to set the global standard of what a theater show should be like and is a must-experience when visiting New York.

Enjoy award-winning theatre, musicals, and plays with your Broadway Tickets. Get last-minute bookings, flexible validity, preferred seating, and endless discounts with your Broadway Tickets.

What Are the Different Types of Shows Running at Broadway?

What is the Difference Between Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows?

the phantom of the opera

Broadway Shows in New York

Broadway primarily refers to the principal theatre district in New York, where over 40 theatres are located. Theatres that house more than 500 seats are regarded as Broadway theatres. Some of these theatres include Ambassador Theatre, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, and Longacre Theatre. Some of the most well-known Broadway shows include, ‘The Phantom of the Opera', ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

jersey boys

Off Broadway Shows in New York

Off-Broadway generally refers to the theatres in New York City outside the Broadway district. Their capacities vary in size, from 99 and 499 seats, and off-Broadway theatres are smaller than the ones on Broadway. A few popular Off-Broadway shows include, ‘The Gazillion Bubble Show’, 'Jersey Boys', and 'The Play That Goes Wrong'.

Things to Know Before Booking Your Broadway Tickets

Dress Code
Getting to Broadway
Discounted Tickets
Last Minute Tickets
Theatre Guidelines & Etiquettes
dress code

While there is no particular dress code as such when it comes to Broadway, it is best to wear something semi-casual or semi-formal and something comfortable. As such, jeans are okay, but sweatpants or clothing bordering on sportswear should be avoided.

Theatres on Broadway and off-Broadway are air-conditioned all year round and it can get a bit cold inside the theatre during showtime. So, it is prudent to also carry a light jacket, cardigan, or sweater, especially if you tend to run cold easily.

How long is a Broadway show on an average?

On an average, Broadway shows last for 90-minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of show.

What time do Broadway shows usually start?

Most Broadway shows usually start around 7 or 7:30 PM in the evenings. There are also some matinee shows during the afternoon on some days during 2 to 4 PM. However, the timings of each show tend to differ so do check your show's timings before booking your Broadway tickets.

Are there any Broadway shows during the day?

Yes, Broadway shows do take place on some days of the week during the day. These day time performances are known as matinee shows.

broadway direction board

New York's subway system is well-connected and quite expansive. Most of Broadway's theatres are only a few minutes' walk away from a subway station. Broadway theater district is properly connected by various means of public transport which makes getting there quite easy. While walking around and exploring is a good option in the theatre district, when short on time you might want to use public transport to get around. Taking the subway is one of the most popular and efficient ways to get there.

Popular Broadway stations:

  • Times Square-42nd St stop, 50th Street or 49th Street

What time should I arrive at the theatre before the show?
It is ideal to arrive at least thirty minutes before the showtime.

new york restaurants

Inside Broadway Theatre District

Casual & Mid-Range Restaurants: Torishin, Dallas BBQ's, La Masseria

Fancy Restaurants: The NoMad, The Palm, The View

Bars & Lounges: Bar Centrale, The Rum House, Bar 54

Food and drinks are generally not permitted inside the theatre. Most theatres on Broadway do however house a cafe, bar, or restaurant on the premises.

broadway tickets counter

Given their immense popularity, most Broadway tickets are quite expensive and tend to sell out pretty fast. However, it is not necessary to shell out the big bucks in order to catch a show at the famous Broadway Theatre District. There are quite a few ways to buy discounted Broadway Tickets and with a few tips, you can easily procure these. Some of the most popular ways are:

  • Broadway Box Office
  • TKTS
  • Broadway Lottery/Rush
broadway tickets

While it is advisable to book your Broadway tickets as early as possible, some visitors may wish to book their tickets on the same day as well. Last-minute Broadway tickets are available and the best way to book them is online. Not only do you get last-minute Broadway ticket availability, but you can also get some discounts if you're lucky.

Some popular ways to buy last-minute Broadway tickets are:

  • Book online
  • TKTS
  • Rush & Lottery
broadway theatre
  • Broadway sees heavy crowds and queues outside theatres on a daily basis. It is prudent to reach the theatre 30 minutes before your show's time.
  • Photography, video recording, and sound recording of the show are strictly banned.
  • Food from outside is not allowed while attending Broadway shows.
  • Most theatres do have a cafeteria or bar inside the premises where you can grab a quick bite or drink during the interval or after the show.
  • While there is no strict dress code at Broadway, it is a good idea to dress in smart and semi-casual clothing.
  • Usage of mobile phones during the show is not advisable as the light and sound can be distracting to other viewers.
  • Talking during the show is advised against as it can be a source of distraction to others around you in the show.

Broadway Tickets & Seat Types Explained

Knowing which seat to choose makes a world of a difference to your viewing experience. But picking the right seat can be rather tricky as most Broadway theatres have different seating arrangements.

Most Broadway theatres have the Orchestra, Front Mezzanine, and Rear Mezzanine sections. However, some theatres also have balcony, box seats, and standing seat sections available.

Let's take a detailed look at all the different types of Broadway tickets and seats available.

How to Choose the Best Broadway Seats

Choosing the right type of seat at a Broadway show is almost as important as the show itself. The unique experience of watching your favorite story come alive on stage can be diminished if you choose the wrong seats where you have to crane your neck to see the stars or are not even able to see the stage. To make the most of your Broadway experience, it is prudent to choose the best seats with your Broadway Tickets.

Here's a quick guide to help you understand the Broadway Seating Chart a bit better.

Front Mezzanine
Rear Mezzanine
Box Seats
broadway tickets
Who should book a seat in the Orchestra section?

Anyone looking for a seat closest to the stage should book a seat in the Orchestra section. Since the seats in the stall are closest to the stage, the audience can get a clear view of the stage.

How expensive is the Orchestra?

Since the seats in the Orchestra are closest to the stage, they are also the most expensive in the house.

How is the view from the Orchestra section?

The Orchestra section undoubtedly offers the best view of the stage. Since this section is located closest to the stage, the viewers get to enjoy a full, clear view, with no obstructions.

broadway tickets
How expensive is the Front Mezzanine?

The Front Mezzanine is cheaper than the Orchestra but still more expensive than the other sections. Sometimes front mezzanine seats are the same price as orchestra seats.

Who should book a seat in the Front Mezzanine?

Those viewers looking for good views with relatively affordable pricing can book a ticket in the Front Mezzanine.

How is the view from the Front Mezzanine?

The Front Mezzanine section offers views similar to the Orchestra section.

broadway tickets
How expensive is the Rear Mezzanine?

The views offered from rear mezzanine seats are average at best which is reflected with the average prices.

Who should book a seat in the Rear Mezzanine?

If you are looking for a budget Broadway experience and do not wish to spend too much money but still get decent views of the stage, you should go for the rear mezzanine section.

How is the view from the Rear Mezzanine section?

The view from the rear mezzanine is average.

broadway tickets
How expensive are the Box Seats?

Since the box seats usually provide partial or limited views, the tickets tend to be cheaper.

Who should book a seat in the Box Seats?

Those viewers looking for a separate seating section or a private viewing area should book Box seats.

How is the view from the Box Seats?

The view from box seats is not the best as they are all the way over to one side or the other and it is likely that part of the stage and action will be out of sight for you at times.

broadway tickets
Who should book a seat in the Balcony section?

If you're looking to spend the least amount of money on your Broadway tickets and are okay with not having the best views of the stage, you can book a seat in the Balcony section.

How expensive is the Balcony?

The cheapest seats in a Broadway house are often found in the Balcony section.

How is the view from the Balcony section?

The Balcony is a level above the Mezzanine and also the furthest away from the stage so the views are not the best.

Best way to Buy Broadway Tickets? Book Online.

The best and most efficient way to buy Broadway tickets is by purchasing them online. Not only do you get to skip the hassle of standing in long queues, but online tickets are also safe and they encourage contactless transactions. We recommend buying Broadway tickets online as they come with numerous perks like discounts, seasonal offers, and great convenience.

broadway tickets

Why Book Broadway Tickets Online?

  • No more waiting: Get your tickets at the click of a button and avoid having to wait in the long lines at the box office. You’ll never have to worry about missing the opening of the show ever again.
  • Book in advance: Save time and plan your day well in advance by booking your Broadway tickets days, weeks, or even months in advance.
  • Great Discounts: While booking your Broadway tickets online, it is highly likely that you come across attractive discounts that will help you score tickets at a reduced rate.
  • Instant booking confirmation: gets you instant booking confirmation for a completely hassle-free booking experience.

How to Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets?

Watching a show at the esteemed Broadway Theatre District in New York City can be expensive, but, that doesn't mean that you necessarily need to shell out big bucks to catch a show on Broadway. With a few tricks and tips, you can easily procure discounted and cheap Broadway tickets that will make your experience worthwhile. Booking well in advance is one way to get good seats at cheaper prices. Here are a few other ways to get buy cheap Broadway Tickets.

broadway tickets
TKTS Booth

One way to get cheap Broadway tickets is to head to the TKTS booth at Times Square, where they offer half-price and discounted tickets. Please note that tickets can only be purchased in person and on the same day as the performance.

Lottery Tickets

Some Broadway shows also offer lottery tickets, where you can get discounted tickets usually for the Orchestra section if you get lucky. These lotteries are held at the show's box office, at the theatre, online at the official website, or on mobile phones.

Book Online

When you book your Broadway Tickets online, not only do you get discounts and the convenience of skipping last-minute rush and queues, but you can also book the tickets months in advance which increases your chances of procuring great seats and affordable prices.


Rush tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis on the day of the performance. Most theatres generally release these tickets as soon as the box office opens.

Why Book Broadway Tickets With Us?

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Get verified Broadway tickets with instant booking confirmation straight from the box office. All your payments and transactions are 100% secure.

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Get the best seats, check real-time prices, and seat availability for every show. You'll get the best available seats from the section of your choice by booking your Broadway tickets with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Broadway Tickets

Where can I buy Broadway Tickets?

The best way to buy Broadway Tickets is to book them online.

Are Broadway Tickets available online?

Yes, Broadway Tickets are available online.

How much do Broadway Tickets generally cost?

The cost of your Broadway tickets depends on the type of show you are going for and the kind of seats that you select. Click here to know more.

Where can I find last-minute Broadway tickets?

If you are looking for last-minute Broadway tickets, we recommend looking online. You can easily book Broadway tickets online.

Where can I buy discounted Broadway tickets?

One way to get discounted tickets is to head to the TKTS Booths in New York City including the one at Times Square, where they offer discounted tickets. The easiest way to buy discounted Broadway tickets is online. You can purchase them at

Where is Broadway located?

Broadway Theatre District, home to over 40 theatres, is located in Midtown, Manhattan.

What is the average length of a Broadway show?

On an average, Broadway shows last for 90-minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of show.

What is a matinee show?

Some Broadway shows take place during the day as well. These day time shows are known as matinee shows.

Which are the best seats for a Broadway show?

The seats in the Orchestra section are the closest to the stage. This closeness makes these the most coveted and expensive seats in the house. The front mezzanine section also has great views of the stage.

Can I gift a Broadway show ticket to a friend?

Yes, by making a booking on, you can gift a ticket to your friend or family. All you have to do is enter their details on the payment page and the ticket will be registered in their name.

There is no official dress code to attend a show on Broadway. However, you might want to dress up in smart casuals or formals to avoid standing out in a crowd.