Broadway Show TicketsMusicalsHamiltonTrey Curtis returns as Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ | Miguel Cervantes takes a bow

Trey Curtis returns as Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ | Miguel Cervantes takes a bow


Broadway has debuted its new ‘Hamilton’, Trey Curtis, who previously starred in other productions of the show. He succeeds Miguel Cervantes, who took his bow on January 7.

Actor, singer, and activist Miguel Cervantes ended his run as Alexander Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on January 7 after an 8-year run, making way for Trey Curtis to bring his spin to the iconic role. Curtis has previously starred in multiple global productions of ‘Hamilton’, including Puerto Rico, Melbourne, Toronto, and Manila. His extensive experience with the musical includes understudying several principal roles, including that of Alexander Hamilton.

A Hamilton by another name is still a Hamilton

Where Lin-Manual Miranda’s take on Hamilton was notable for its nuance, Cervantes’ was appreciated for its charm and humor. Curtis, who has described the opportunity to play the character on Broadway as “magical,” is all set to breathe fresh life into the role of the American Founding Father. His unique experience as several characters in other productions of ‘Hamilton’ brings with it a fresh perspective on characterization and narrative storytelling.

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