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The real genie in the lamp: Broadway's Aladdin's top songs ranked


Aladdin, one of the longest-running shows and the tenth-highest-grossing production of all time on Broadway, is a remake of the 1992 Disney film. The soundtrack blends unused music from the film with fresh tunes written for the musical by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, and Chad Beguelin. Playing at the New Amsterdam Theatre, Aladdin features hit after hit, making it hard to pick only a few. Nonetheless, here are some of the musical's best tunes.

We kick off this magic carpet ride with an interesting choice for a Disney musical: a villain song that isn't quite the villain's song.

Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise)

Villains are often the most iconic parts of a Disney film. They ooze personality and charm, despite their fiendish ways. And each of them boasts a chilling song that tells us all the ways they intend to bestow their villainy on unsuspecting mortal souls. Yet, with Jafar, we get a reprise of Aladdin's song that originally plays when the new-and-improved hero shows up as Prince Ali. An odd choice, yet, for the villain's snarky personality, it somehow works, as he takes apart the hero's big moment piece by piece.

One Jump Ahead

"I steal only what I can't afford - that's everything!"

Aladdin's introductory tune shows us exactly who he is - riffraff, a street rat, a scoundrel, who is also "rather tasty." The track is one of the snappiest songs ever written. The stage version ups the ante and you'll find it impossible to sit still.

A Million Miles Away

The definitive romantic track of Aladdin is, undoubtedly, A Whole New World. But the musical has a tune earlier in the setlist that captures the magic of Aladdin and Jasmine's love, equal part romance and adventure, while also reminding the audience to take a chance and leap into the unknown.

Friend Like Me

Filling the shoes of Robin Williams is an impossible feat. So it makes far more sense to breathe fresh life into Genie's iconic song and give it a whole new vibe. And the scat-heavy jazzy tune that the musical delivers in Friend Like Me is an absolute bop in every way.

Arabian Nights

While many would see One Jump Ahead as the proper opening tune of Aladdin, the short introduction in Arabian Nights sets the tone for the film. The musical takes this gorgeously enchanting tune and creates a 6-minute number that draws you in like a moth to a flame.

Honourable Mentions

One Jump Ahead (Reprise) and Proud of Your Boy are brilliant follow-ups to One Jump Ahead as they reveal the real depth of Aladdin's character.

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