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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Five reasons to watch the play on Broadway


There's never a dull day when you're in the Broadway District. But some days are extra special, such as the ones when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child happens to be playing. Whether you're entering the world anew or are a seasoned Potterhead patiently waiting for your Hogwarts letter, it's hard not to be charmed by this play. Here are a few reasons we can think of that make this a show worth watching.

Potterheads never truly die

Granted, there's something for everyone in this play. But fans who have been around for a long time will rightly point out that once you become part of the coven, you're probably never leaving. That's not a threat at all, of course. Nothing to fear, we have chocolate frogs and living pictures and staircases that move here. And Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has a stellar cast and a magical set design that brings it all to life.

It's surprisingly realistic and nuanced

Magical spells, trolls, wands, centaurs, flying brooms, potions, transfiguration. It's no easy feat grounding a story with fantastical elements in reality. But the real magic of the Harry Potter franchise is its emotional appeal. It has exhilarating moments, and it has gut-wrenching moments. What Harry Potter and the Cursed Child does remarkably is tackle how a legacy as heavy as the one attached to Harry can weigh down on his children, particularly Albus, who finds himself befriending his father's nemesis Draco Malfoy's son while battling demons and evils of his own.

The page-to-stage pipeline is winding - and it's worth seeing where it ends

Fans were deeply troubled by the script when it was originally released. Understandably so: it was a vastly different world to the books or films. But many of them have emerged from the theaters praising the stage adaptation. What changed? Well, the stage itself. Some plays are meant to be watched, not read. And Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is one of them. The acting and special effects pair together beautifully to bring a touch of enchantment to the story that was missing on paper.

A venue like no other - the Lyric Theatre

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is playing at the Lyric Theatre on Broadway, known for many things but especially beloved for its spaciousness. You get plenty of legroom no matter where you sit, though center seats have even more legroom than side and corner ones. Add in some stunning interiors and decor as well as a merchandise shop and refreshments and you have yourself quite the venue.

Easter eggs and lore

A wonderful aspect of adaptations, particularly of franchises with such meaty lore, is that they can drop subtle references for longtime fans to catch. The sheer glee of spotting something no one else has yet is hard to describe. There are several Easter eggs throughout Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which help bring the charm of the books and movies to the stage. Many don't significantly impact the story, indicating the crew behind the play took the pain to add them in to honor their predecessors and ground this work in the franchise.

And it's a splendid choice.

Rediscover the joy of magic in Broadway's Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, now playing at the Lyric Theatre.

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