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The Notebook grosses $1 million across 7 preview shows


The musical, a recent arrival on the block, impressively scored its first million to standing-only crowds at just seven preview shows.

The Notebook is a musical based on the 1996 Nicholas Sparks bestselling novel of the same name. It features lyrics by Ingrid Michaelson and stars Ryan Vasquez and Joy Woods as the passionate star-crossed lovers Noah and Allie, respectively. The novel was originally adapted as a film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in these roles, a production that would become a cult classic. The musical is proving to be just as much of a beloved adaptation if early numbers are anything to go by.

A love that awakens the soul

The Presidents Day Weekend often lends to some fluctuations in numbers for shows on Broadway, with several in the current lineup seeing a dip in numbers. Despite that, most managed to fill at least 90% of available seats at their venues. The Notebook surpassed expectations, though, securing $1,013,563 in gross sales for just seven standing-only shows.

Despite not being one of the flashier productions with technical marvels and acrobatics flying through the air, The Notebook offers arresting performances and a riveting romance for the ages. It will undoubtedly continue its successful run following its opening night on March 14, 2024, at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

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