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You's Victoria Pedretti makes Broadway debut in An Enemy of the People


Following a successful stint on Netflix shows like You and The Haunting of Hill House and supporting roles in films like Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Victoria Pedretti sets her sights on the Broadway stage as Petra Stockmann in An Enemy of the People.

The play, originally penned in 1882 by Henrik Ibsen, tells the story of a medical officer named Dr. Thomas Stockmann and his battle to retain his integrity against a corrupt and unjust society. Ibsen, ironically, was somewhat of an enemy of the people himself at the time of the play's release. This was due to his previous work, Ghosts, being considered "scandalous" and "immoral." Perhaps because of this, the playwright was unsure whether to categorize his newer work as a comedy or a drama. As such, it has elements of both, ultimately presenting itself as a sardonic take on society and the individuals within it.

Pedretti steps into the role of Dr. Stockmann's daughter Petra, a progressive young woman whose life as a teacher unravels due to her ideals and her father's attempts to remain true to his word.

A balancing act

The actress has always had her eye on theater, describing her start in film and television as a "surprise" in recent interviews. Yet, Pedretti also describes her fear of taking on the stage. Understandably so, given that fulfilling lifelong dreams are as exciting as they are terrifying. But it's hard to imagine that Pedretti, who has become a fan-favorite in several of her projects, will struggle. She has a knack for embodying the roles she undertakes, after all. Just ask Joe.

Nonetheless, critics and fans are excited to see the actress in the Broadway production of An Enemy of the People. Petra is a character that is both relatable and tragic. She's stunningly independent and fiercely loyal, while still being a woman of her time, bound by social norms and expectations. The character is nuanced, and Pedretti will undoubtedly excel in bringing all her shades to life.

Catch Victoria Pedretti in An Enemy of the People playing now at Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre.

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An Enemy of the People