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The Vivian Beaumont Theater is a performance venue located within the Lincoln Center complex and holds the distinction of being the only Broadway theater not located within the Times Square Theater District, instead sharing its quarters with two Off-Broadway venues, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater and Claire Tow Theater, in addition to other spaces like the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. The complex is and its many venues are operated by the Lincoln Center Theater (LCT), one of New York's most beloved not-for-profit theaters.

Since its opening in 1965, the Vivian Beaumont has staged several successful productions like The King and I and My Fair Lady, with its most recent offering being Uncle Vanya starring Steve Carell alongside an ensemble cast.

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About Vivian Beaumont Theater

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  • Seating capacity: The Vivian Beaumont has a capacity of 1,080 seats split across two sections.
  • Viewing options: The sections are steeply raked and curved, with the rear level elevated, leading to the appearance of a stadium.
  • Modular stage: This venue has a flexible stage with a variable length to accommodate different types of performances. As such the Orchestra section's front rows are equally flexible, placed on a turntable that can move them in or out depending on the length of the stage.

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  • Address: 150 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023, United States
  • Bus: The nearest stop is at West 65 Street and Amsterdam Avenue, which services line M66 and stops near the complex's entrance. The stop at Amsterdam Avenue and West 65 Street is a similar distance from the theater and services line M11.
  • Bike: The nearest Citibike sharing station is Amsterdam Avenue and West 66 Street.
  • Subway: The closest subway station is 66 Street-Lincoln Center which services lines 1 and 2.
  • Parking: There are multiple lots within walking distance including Icon Parking on West 66th Street and SP+ Parking on West 62nd Street.
  • Recommended route: The city's bus and subway routes are well-planned and can get you wherever you want to go with ease.

Frequently asked questions about Vivian Beaumont Theater

How old is the Vivian Beaumont Theater?

The theater opened in 1965 after several years of planning and construction, making it currently nearly 60 years old.

Who is the Vivian Beaumont Theater named after?

The venue is named for the former actress and heiress Vivian Beaumont Allen who donated $3 million for its construction. Allen was notably an ardent philanthropist, having founded the charitable Vivian Beaumont Society which went on to donate another $2.1 million for the training of the Lincoln Center Repertory Company's members. True to its namesake's legacy, the Vivian Beaumont Theater would go on to become one of the largest not-for-profit theaters.

What is the address of the Vivian Beaumont Theater?

The theater is 150 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023, United States, and i easily reached via public transport.

What are the best seats at the Vivian Beaumont Theater?

The theater's 1080 seats are split across a stadium-like setup of two steeply raked sections. The rear section is elevated, allowing for clearer views even from the furthest seats. However, due to the theater's flexible stage setup and the curved seating area wrapping around the front of the stage. some seats experience partial obstructions for certain shows. Seats closer to the front, particularly in the Center Orchestra, offer you the clearest views without any obstructions.

Are children allowed at the Vivian Beaumont Theater?

Children below five years of age are not allowed at this venue.

What are some things to do or sights to see near the Vivian Beaumont Theater?

This venue is a little removed from Times Square and the Theater District, allowing you to explore a different part of the city's live entertainment hub. The Lincoln Center has many areas worth exploring, especially the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, with equally exciting venues just outside its doors, like the American Folk Art Museum. Landmarks like Central Park are also easy to reach from this theater.