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Broadway's Doubt earns both critical praise and an extension


A modern classic, Doubt made its on-screen debut as a 2008 mystery starring Meryl Streep and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Nearly two decades later, Broadway's Doubt takes on the challenging task of recreating this mystery - and nails it.

Doubt: A Parable, based on John Patrick Shanley's play of the same name, opened off-Broadway in 2004 before transferring to Broadway's Walter Kerr Theatre the following year, closing in 2006 to positive reviews and both a Tony and a Pulitzer award. The movie adaptation also received multiple Oscar nominations. And it has now come full circle, having been brought back via a revival by the Roundabout Theatre Company at the Todd Haimes Theatre (previously the American Airlines Theatre).

Beyond a doubt

The play revolves around the central theme of doubt but is more than a simple whodunnit. It takes viewers through the question of doubt, from what informs it to its impact on all involved. When the stern Sister Aloysius (Amy Ryan) begins to suspect that the newly arrived Father Flynn (Liev Schrieber) might be molesting a 12-year-old altar boy, she begins to try to uncover the truth and share her suspicions with those around her. Yet, without evidence to back up her claim, it is left up to the audience to decide whether the Father is, in fact, guilty or not.

In Sister James (Zoe Kazan), the audience sees the core turmoil of the play - doubt - play out. Her deep struggle oscillates between a desire to protect the young boy, a need to live up to the morals and ideals of her superior, and the deep discomfort of not knowing whether to believe the seemingly gentle and kind Father accused of a horrendous crime. And in Mrs. Muller (Quincy Tyler Bernstine) we find an equally bold stance: the mother of the alleged victim who has more to offer than just doubts of her own.

Broadway's Doubt manages to keep the mystery of the play intact, holding its own against past productions. As Greg Evans of Deadline notes, "...the revival’s cast is unfaltering in its convictions – we believe that they believe every word they say. If Father Flynn is lying – he’s the only character that has reason to – Schreiber doesn’t let on, a real achievement given that he’s not only squaring off against one tough nun, but several decades now of headlines and heightened public awareness of church atrocities."

Originally slated to end its run on April 14, Doubt has secured an extension till April 21.

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Doubt: A Parable

Doubt: A Parable

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