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Kimberly Akimbo nears end of "Great Adventure" | Sets closing date


Beloved, award-winning, and critically acclaimed musical Kimberly Akimbo is all set to take its final bow in the coming Spring, ending a year-and-a-half run of over 600 performances.

The "Great Adventure" from the little musical that could surprisingly announced the end of its run earlier this month. The show, which opened at the Booth Theatre in 2022, has won five Tony Awards and five Dorian Awards, in addition to being widely praised by both critics and audiences alike. It appeared as if the show would eventually go on to usurp other titles as one of Broadway's longest-running shows given its popularity, yet, it has staggered to an early halt.

An original in a sea of revivals

Kimberly Akimbo follows a 16-year-old girl with a rare condition that causes her to age rapidly. As she grapples with her condition, she must also navigate everything from high school friendships to scheming family members. The musical features a stellar cast, with Tony Award-winner Victoria Clark in the role of Kimberly, and an equally stunning original story and soundtrack. However, it also contains no widely known pop songs with catchy hooks or rap battles and has a niche fanbase. Critics believe this to be why the show, despite all the praise, hasn't managed to earn as much as its fellow musicals. Yet, for those who have experienced it, Kimberly Akimbo is one of the most original, moving, and exhilarating shows to grace a Broadway stage in recent times.

Catch Kimberly Akimbo as it enters its closing era and brace yourself for laughter, tears, and a second coming-of-age. Make sure you pick the best seats at the Booth Theatre to experience the best this musical has to offer.

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