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An Enemy of the People dances on the edge of $1 million


The Broadway adaptation of the play An Enemy of the People certainly runs contrary to its name, having entered the $1 Million Club in its first week of previews beginning February 27. But it has since stayed on the edge of that figure, just behind the other top grossers.

An Enemy of the People follows Doctor Thomas Stockmann, a medical officer tasked with assessing the safety of the public baths in his town. When he confirms that the spaces aren't safe, he is met with backlash and declared, as the title suggests, an enemy of the people.

Know thyself, know thy enemy

The Broadway adaptation is helmed by playwright Amy Herzog and directed by Sam Gold. It stars Jeremy StrongMichael Imperioli, and Victoria Pedretti. It began showing previews at the Circle in the Square Theatre before opening on March 18. Despite a shorter run of just 7 previews, it secured a position on the $1 Million Club, even as other shows faltered the same week. Following its opening, however, and despite an uptick in sales, the play has grossed just shy of the figure, putting it behind shows like The Lion King, Wicked, Hamilton, and Hadestown.

Nonetheless, it continues to have a promising run, steadily finding itself in The 90s Club, which tracks all shows that play to over 90% of their respective venues' capacities. An Enemy of the People, it would appear, is a fan-favorite, even as it competes with long-running and high-earning shows.

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An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People